Thursday, August 8, 2013

Ameritrip 2013

We spent a lot of our Ameritrip driving through desert, like A LOT.
I know, I'm on a trend of doing everything 2+ months behind but y'all, it's been a busy summer! So, if you didn't know, I went on a cross country road trip in May! As much as I love flying, I think that road trips are my new favorite way of traveling! (*gasps* I knoowww) Pop in some great tunes or a good audiobook and throw in a good Road Trip Buddy, and I'm solid! 

Although most of my belongings were already on this end of the country, my car was still back home California! So after moving my from Harrisonburg, Virginia to Clemson, SC, I flew back home to visit for a few days until Mom and I hopped into my car to begin our cross-country journey!  

Our first stop....
Tucson, Arizona! Our stop in AZ was quick but while there, we did visit Kon Tiki. Let's talk about retro. Like '60s retro. It was great. Seriously. I felt like I was in the grown-up version of the Tiki Room at Disneyland. I may or may not have been singingthat theme song in my head the whole time. The next morning, we began our drive to Roswell, NM. Yes, Alien Roswell. First things we see? Alien street lights and a UFO McDonalds. It was Real Life, folks. Now, I'm not gonna lie, I was all about that TV show, Roswell. Anyone remember that? While Santa Fe was our original plan but proved to be too out of the way, I'm not disappointed to say that I have experienced the legend that is Roswell. Of course, we got some alien swag on the way out.

On our way to San Antonio, Texas, we saw some pretty great sights: The World's Largest Pistachio, White Sands National Monument, Historic Mesilla, and a cute little town where I bought an awesome chili decoration/cooking ingredient. New Mexico was never on the top of my list of places to visit but golly, it was BEAUTIFUL!! I think we made the most stops in that state and they were all worth the extra time we added to our trip. I can't wait to get back there!!

San Antonio was great! We were also there right during the NBA finals so it was lively, to say the least. The River Walk was so great!! So much to do and you know me, I love a body of water. We had dinner and brunch on the river, ate some great ice cream, went up the Tower of the Americas, and checked out the Alamo before we went to Houston to visit some fam I hadn't seen in FOREVS! Seriously, some of my favorite people in life and I was SO glad we got to spend some time with them....AND eat my Aunt's phenom cooking!

After Houston, we were NOLA bound!!! While we only spent 14 hours there, and a good chunk of that was sleeping, I LOVED THAT CITY!!! Seriously, so great! Awesome music, great food (oysters for days & days), and so much history! Just a few of my favorite things. Mom and I had a blast on Bourbon Street and enjoyed some coffee and french beignets from Cafe Du Monde before we hit the road. You better believe I bought some of it to make here in Clemson too (beignet cooking party, anyone?). Our time was far too short there and I'm already in the works of planning a return visit.

The last day of our trip was the longest and we definitely didn't realize that we would be driving through 5 states in one day until the night before. And then, we threw in the time change. So we crossed the Mississippi River, drove on a REALLY long bridge, zipped through Mississippi, ate lunch in Montgomery, Alabama, passed by the country club where Zelda and F. Scott Fitzgerald met (thanks to Sister of the Suitcase, Ashlyn, for the recommendation), passed through my "second LC home" of Atlanta and made our way to my new home, Clemson, SC!

My Mom and I had a great Ameritrip and got to enjoy a couple of days together in Clemson before she flew back to California. I can't wait for my next road trip!! I already have a few places in mind :)

Xtina713's Road Trip album on Photobucket
 Here are some of my Ameritrip snapshots!

Thinking about making a cross country or even local-ish road trip of your own? Here are some of my tips for you:
1. Cracker Barrel rents out audio books! You buy them at full price and when finished, you can return them! It only costs $3ish dollars per week. If it's a round trip you're making, try your local or university library!
2. It's a great tool to plan out your trip, find some sights along the way, AND once planned, you can download the app and load your plans to your iPhone.
3. TripIt - Great way to store information for any hotel, bus, train, etc. information!
4. Foursquare or Yelp are great ways to discover cool places in the area
5. Check out a city's Chamber of Commerce or Visitor's website or location for more info on things to do!

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