Wednesday, February 13, 2013

where we gonna go from here

Whether you're a friend, relative, sister, or fellow fraternal values enthusiast, you have probably been following my journey as an Alpha Delta Pi Leadership Consultant in some form or another whether it be through phone/FaceTime chats with me or through my feeble attempts at blogging (I just love hanging out with sisters so much that the blog was put on the back burner every now and then. Oops :/ ). For those of you who have been following my last year and a half-ish as a Sister of the Suitcase, you my have realized that this chapter in my life is soon coming to close (eeep!!). This is slowly starting to hit me but I'm not quite ready to talk about my feelings on this subject at this moment. We'll save that topic for a later time.

I've had many friends and sisters ask what's next for me when this academic year is over. I was holding off on making any announcements via social media until I made my final decision but after some thinking, I thought I'd give y'all a sneak peek of what's to come for this soon-to-be former sorority professional. Ya ready?

This girl is going to GRADUATE SCHOOL!!! Yup, I've spent the last few months applying to programs and am THRILLED to tell you that I have been admitted into the Higher Education and Student Affairs programs at Clemson University and University of South Carolina! I will be heading down to USC (not to be confused with University of Southern California, for my California friends) this weekend and to Clemson at the end of the month to interview for Graduate Assistant positions. I could definitely use all the positive thoughts and energy from y'all as I prep for these interviews!!
Working with my collegiate sisters has solidified my desire to continue working with college students and I know that both of these programs will help prepare me for my professional career. I am so honored to have both of these opportunities and look forward to heading to the great state of South Carolina this month!

I'm also really excited to see some of my fave sister/friends this weekend!! I'll be stopping by good ol' Wake Forest to have lunch with Sister of the Suitcase Brett and '12 Eta Upsilon Chapter President Stacey! I also get to see my Violet Lori and '11-'12 Theta Kappa Chapter President Lauren at USC!! Being reunited with the sisters I've met through out these last couple years is such a rare treat and I can't wait to see them!!

So that's my sneak peek! I hope you all are having a wonderful week and make sure to stay tuned for updates on consultant life, reading, crafting, grad school, and other random thoughts!!

Blog Title courtesy of Matt Kearney's "Where  We Gonna Go From Here"


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