Sunday, February 10, 2013

Fall Semester Recap

Matching at the Blue and White Day Holiday Party!
It has been much too long since I've been on here but my new resolution is to update as often as I can, especially as this chapter of my life starts to wind down and the next one's about to begin. If you haven't noticed yet, I got a new header courtesy of my cousin, Nadia! I thought it was about time for a change and I LOVE it!  But before I start to talk about the new year, I want to do a quick recap of the last.  As many of y'all know, the Theta Omicron chapter of Alpha Delta Pi was installed as the 143rd active chapter.

Sharing Diamond Days and spending time with our sisters at James Madison was amazing! We had over 150 alumnae and collegiate sisters come to Harrisonburg to initiate our charter members. It is unbelievable to see the commitment our members have to our sorority. They truly Live For Each Other.
The Fabulous LCs who helped make TO's Installation Possible

"I believe that my sorority is more than a ritual or a symbol, that it is a way of life." (Creed of Alpha Delta Pi) Our Ritual is something that never ceases to amaze me and there is not one day that our Creed and values don't cross my mind. These words have especially been with me today as it was Loyalty Day at Theta Omicron and we initiated one our sisters. It is such a great experience to see this chapter come full circle and hold an Initiation ceremony of their own. It seems like just yesterday that we were celebrating their colonization and here I am working with an amazing group of officers and chapter members. 

The weekend went off without a hitch and would not have been possible with out the wonderful Leadership Consultants, International Officers, and sisters that made it possible. The Installation Banquet was held at the Stonewall Jackson Hotel in Staunton, which was the only location nearby that would hold the 350+ guests in attendance. Sisters, charter members, and loved ones joined together for this momentous  occasion.
Charter President Megan

The highlight of the banquet for me was the beautiful speech given by Theta Omicron's Charter President Megan that I'm pretty sure moved every sister to tears. The sisters here at James Madison had been counting down the days until they became Delta members, or initiated members, of Alpha Delta Pi. Since that day finally arrived, Megan began a new countdown as they start their journey as a new chapter. She ended her speech with these words

"And finally, One Mission. As new Deltas, our aspirations are great. Yet rather than focus on being the best of Alpha Delta Pi, let us focus instead on becoming the best for Alpha Delta Pi. As the charter members of Theta Omicron chapter, we're already the first. It's time to become the finest, forever. For Alpha Delta Pi."

I wish you all could have been there for this unforgettable time and hope that at some point, whether you're an Alpha Delta Pi or a member of another organization, you have the opportunity to work with a new chapter. It is such a rewarding experience and one I know I will never forget.


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