Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Sisters of the Suitcase: '11-'12 Finale

After a year, we have the hug train perfected!

After a year of living out of suitcases, colonizing two chapters, and making memories that would last a lifetime, the 2011-2012 Sisters of Suitcase packed up one last time to head Alpha Delta Pi Leadership Seminar. I had been counting down the days until I was reunited with the sisters I met throughout my year on the road. Although this was my third time attending Leadership Seminar, it was a very different experience than the last two that I went to. LS is held on even numbered years so my first time going was to the Diamond Boutique workshop for Membership Education Vice President's in 2008
(Remember when I was reunited with my childhood best friend, Tanna? Yup, that's where it happened! Leadership Seminar holds a special place in my heart). I went again when I was Chapter President in 2010 and attended the first Adelphean Compass workshop. This year, I attended Leadership Seminar as part of the staff team and got to see all the behind the scenes action with my consultant sisters, Executive Office staff, and the interns. It was GREAT! Here are a few snapshots of the weekend.

From Left to Right:
1. The hotel was rocking our logo for the weekend!
2. Each year, consultants are given a silver serving tray by Alpha Delta Pi. Yay, for my first piece of silver!!
3. Here I am with my "twilets"
(twin violets, get it? They're so clever!!) Brittany and Laura (as a mentioned in my last post) after our reveal!! We have been counting down the days until we're reunited in Atlanta via our group text. Thank goodness for PiPhones!!

With '09-'10 Sister of the Suitcase, past Senior Leadership Consultant,
& current District IV Recruitment Director Jackie!!
The week ended with some training with the Expansion Presentation Team. I had the chance to spend two days with women I have looked up to. The past and present Grand Council members and International Officers definitely know their stuff and I learned a lot from them! Leadership Seminar marked the end of one chapter and begininning of another. I know that Year Two as a Sister of the Suitcase is going to be another great journey and I cannot wait to get started!

6 days until I'm back in Hotlanta.
21 days until the big move to Virginia!!


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