Saturday, June 30, 2012

Loyally Yours

The cover of the latest Loyally Yours newsletter. Check it out to learn
more about my experience on the road this last year!
Hey y'all!! I hope you're having a great week! I know there are some updates I've promised to write about like the books I've been reading and the recipes I've been trying but I'm currently living the ADPi Dream at Leadership Seminar in Atlanta, Georgia. It has been a busy but exciting week that I have been looking forward to for months! I love being reunited with both collegiate and alumnae sisters I have worked with over the last year and seeing the passion our members have for this organization fill the air. I'll make sure to update some more in the days to come!

For those of you who are at Leadership Seminar or following along on Facebook or Twitter, I'm sure you've seen some posts about the Alpha Delta Pi Foundation, Inc. The Alpha Delta Pi Foundation supports the education and philanthropic efforts of our members in various ways that include scholarships, leadership programming, and educational speakers. The Foundation also supports the work of Alpha Delta Pi Leadership Consultants by providing a grant to our program each year. Some of you may have seen my face pop up on your screen in a recent email from the Foundation. I was thrilled to be given the opportunity to share my story in the latest issue of the Foundation's Loyally Yours newsletter, which you can check out here. This issue also features reflections from my 2011-2012 Sisters of the Suitcase and has information on how you can support the Foundation and their efforts to help our members.

For those of you who are at Leadership Seminar, you can still purchase a Violet to show your appreciation for a sister. The Foundation will be set up until noon tomorrow so make sure to stop by this weekend! I hope all of you are having a blast and if I haven't seen you yet, hopefully I will before the weekend ends! I always love chatting with sisters :)

Screenshot courtesy of the Alpha Delta Pi Foundation, Inc. 


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