Wednesday, February 15, 2012


So the month of January brought me to District's II, IV, V. Foursquare currently has me at a new record of being at the airport 8 weeks in a row...and counting! So let me catch y'all up a bit.

My first stop was in Waco, Texas at good ol' Baylor University. Yup, I did take the traditional photograph on Judge Baylor's lap while I was there! There I fell in love with cowboy coffee at Common Grounds and was embraced into the amazing sisterhood of our Zeta Chi chapter. In addition to officer meetings and an awesome Formal Recruitment, my visit consisted of coffee, improv shows, late nights, more coffee, words triggering my singing at random moments (what she order, fish filet!), and learning new abbrevs (like b-wag, if you're not on it, get on it STAT). The weather was a transition between weather back home and my next couple visits so slowly but surely I have adjusted to colder weather.

Next up, I went to Winston-Salem, North Carolina to work with our Eta Upsilon chapter at Wake Forest University. I fell in love with the campus, city, and chapter right away. I have the recruitment bug and loved working with the chapter, ate at some awesome places, and learned about the Moravians!! There cookies are to die for and I def took a tin to go. Did you notice the Alpha Delta Pi Lilly shirt above? Those are the FAB Bid Day shirts these women and I got to rock when we welcomed home our newest Alphas!! Minus being a Pepsi state (since I love my Coca-Cola), my first time in the Tar Heel state was unforgettable!

Before heading to Loyola Chicago for Theta Mu's Installation (that story is coming soon), I made a quick stop in Maryville, Missouri to work with our Theta Alpha chapter at Northwest Missouri. If I hadn't already adjusted to the colder weather this was it. A high of 14 degrees? Really? I didn't even know that was possible! Or what how that would actually feel!! Luckily, I never had to walk that far to head to the Union or Fitness Center! See that statue in the picture? That was for a university anniversary which features a student "then" with a book and old fashioned clothing and a student "now" with a laptop and NW Missouri sweatshirt. On certain occasions students dress them up in holiday gear or scarves too!
I loved heading back to see our sisters of Delta Omega chapter at Northern Illinois. It was Initiation which never ceases to amaze me. This visit was much too short for my liking but I loved having a chance to meet with new officers!! I'm so excited to see what they, and new officers everywhere, are going to accomplish this year!

My next stop was before District I's Leadership Conference was Gamma Lambda at Rhode Island! Never had I been to this tiny state where the name never fits in it's outline on a map so there's always a line pointing to the it. I know y'all know what I'm talking about!! For those of you who are laughing at me for writing that, I'm still working on my geography skills. Sorry I'm not sorry. The women were great and reminded me so much of my friends back home! The food was amazing! I was so thankful for the vegetables and fruits in place of junk food AND the beautiful scenery for the few runs I went on. I know I say this so much, but I love that this job has given me the chance to go to places I never would've otherwise! I have discovered more hidden gems than I ever thought I would!

So they say that goals are more likely to be reached if you put them to writing so here's some new promises to myself that I'm working on keeping.

First, I have so many thoughts that I never jot down because I'm too busy/tired etc. so I will blog more! Not just about chapter visits but also of the great things I learn and awesome places I see/visit/eat.

Second, keeping up my healthier life style! I'm doing it and I feel great when I do but I still have a ways to go.

Third, communication with everyone! Sorry to everyone back home, it's hectic on the road but I'm working on it!!

This post was a gamut of a lot of things but that's okay, at least it's out there!! Thanks for stopping by and to all our District IV chapter officers, I'll see you at DLC this weekend!!

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