Saturday, January 7, 2012

a picture's worth a thousand words

After getting caught up on one of my fave blogs, I am borrowing her idea of a "Friday Phone Dump." I never really know what to do with all the pictures I take SO I'm posting them on here for y'all and me to see!!

The first three pictures are from New Year's Eve. We spent it with my cousin Nadia for her birthday! It was the perfect way to ring in the fabulous new year! On Tuesday the BFF Jonathan and I headed out to see my diamond Ashley in Los Angeles. While we were out there, we decided to go cross an item off my bucket list. We went to Angel's Knoll, popularly known as Tom's fave spot in 500 Days of Summer. The park was closed (womp womp) but we headed up the stairs of the plaza where we got some great shots of the LA. After this, I really started to buckle down on my packing. My room looked like a tornado went through it but eventually I got it all done! My mom is going to be mortified that I put a picture of the disaster zone that was my room LOVE YOU MOM!!! [: See the doll on my suitcases? That's Ginge the Gingerbread Man (courtesy of the BFF) that's on the road with me. Familiar with Flat Stanley? Whelp, Ginge is going to have an adventure of his own this Spring! (We're weird friends....I acknowledge and accept that). When I arrived this week, I had a basket with some of my fave snacks thanks to the lovely sisters of Zeta Chi! Psalm 18 was part of my reading yesterday. He never fails to give me the perfect message. Zeta Chi's Preference Round was just stunning. It was beautiful! I don't think I could ever fully explain just how much Alpha Delta Pi means to me but today's ceremony sums up some of the many reasons why I love this sisterhood. Last but not least, I discovered a new addition to my top favorite coffee shops. Common Grounds is just a two minute walk away talk about convenient. I will definitely be frequent customer these next few days.

If this was a long run off paragraph that didn't make sense, sorry 'bout it. Between recruitment and adjusting to the time change, I'm a tad sleep deprived. Other than that, this last week has started 2012 off just right. I couldn't be happier and am looking forward to the good times ahead :)

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