Sunday, December 11, 2011

Deep in the Heart of Texas

You better believe that I made sure to pack my cowboy boots when I saw that I was heading to Texas to work with the women of Zeta chapter at Southwestern University. Zeta is the second oldest active chapter of Alpha Delta Pi and walking into their chapter room was like a mini ADPi museum. It was interesting to learn about the chapter's history, read an Adelphean that was around 100 years old, and learn about the university's history as well (i'm a huge history buff if you can't tell).

The women were great! The first day I arrived, we had some good ol' authentic Tex-Mex and had a pumpkin carving sisterhood event just in time for Halloween. Obvi, a sister and I made an Alphie-O-Lantern. That was a given. I had some great officer meetings and got to know the fun intelligent women of Zeta chapter. I saw my first up close Golden Lion, hung out in Austin, and saw a hilarious improv comedy troop. I loved getting to see Sing rehearsals and the start of Homecoming celebrations. Bummer I didn't get to stay for the whole weekend but still happy I was able to see some of it!

Whether a chapter is over 100 years old or celebrating their 2nd year anniversary, being part of an organization that is over 160 years old is definitely something to be proud of. I love having this opportunity to see each chapter carry on this legacy and am so grateful for it every day!


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