Saturday, September 24, 2011

Woooo! Pig!! Sooie!!

For those of you who have been waiting.....and mostly so I can remember all the fabulous visits I get to have, I'm finally catching up with my blogging!! So now to talk about one of my first visits, University of Arkansas!!

I could not have been happier to start my year of traveling in the SEC and with the fabulous women of Delta Delta!! Let me start of by sending a big thank you for telling me the ghost stories....the first night of my very first visit....when I was sleeping the old part of the house....sarcasm intended. Haha, jk. Those stories will def be one of the highlights of my year. Spirit Week was SO much fun and we had a blast!!

Preference, as always, is my favorite part of recruitment and I was happy to share it with these women. They did such an awesome job and I could not have been prouder to work with them!!

Fun Fact: (I learn something new every day in this job) It was a Delta Delta sister that suggested we use the Ronald McDonald House Charities as our International Philanthropy!

Here's a few memorable pictures from my visit :)

This is a sculpture of U of A's mascot that Delta Delta donated to the university. Can you spot the hidden Alpha Delta Pi symbols?

Obvi, I was THRILLED when J.Mills came to help out for the weekend!! Violet (Who is this year's Senior Consultant Lori), wish you could've been there with us so we could've had a Violet Sis reunion! Oh you know, we obvi did some posing at the door with a few Delta Delta sisters (miss y'all!!)Our photo sesh wasn't complete without a hug train picture (yes, I'm spreading it everywhere I go! AK, I know you're proud of me [: )&& of course, what we learn during LC training (according to the sisters of Delta Delta)the "perfect" jump picture.

Now if I can just cross off an SEC tailgate and football game off of my bucket list....

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