Sunday, August 28, 2011

I thought Des Moines was the state capitol....

Old Main at Drake University

Me: Can we leave at 9:30? My flight's at 11:45
Theta Eta Sister: You do not need to be at the airport that early
Me: Really? Are you sure?
Theta Eta Sister: Yes, I get there maybe an hour before, sometimes 45 minutes
Me: Is it really not that busy? I thought Des Moines was the state capitol....
Theta Eta Sister: Ya, the state capitol of Iowa

I'm going to be honest, never in my life did I think that I would have any reason to go to Iowa. This conversation above pretty much summed up my original perception of the state and still makes me laugh every time I think of it! I'm going to be totally honest and put myself on blast, but I def had to look up Iowa on a map when I received my schedule 'cause I had no clue where I was going....


So off I went to Drake University with a student population of just over 3,300 students. Can you say culture shock from a girl who just graduated with a class of 10,000+ students. Uh, yeah. I knew a visit like this would come and let me just say, I LOVED it. The campus was the perfect scenery for morning runs and Starbucks was less than a 5 minute walk away :)

I had a GREAT time with my Theta Eta sisters during their Spirit Week. Fly swatter trivia games, The Help (which by the way was one of the best books turned movie I've ever seen) , Sushi, Bowls, The Game of Things (things i can't stop: #winning) "A-L-P-H-A, D-E-L-T-A, P-i P-i, Pi ALPHA DELTA", Recruitment practice, spreading the Pi Love, Jethro's BBQ, and pretty much spending lots of quality time with my sisters.

I had a great time and can't wait to be back in the Hawkeye state :)

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Location:Drake University, Des Moines, Iowa


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