Monday, July 18, 2011

follow me where i go....

"I'd like to share my life with you
&& show you things I've seen
Places that I'm going to, places where I've been
To have you there beside me & never be alone
And all the time that you're with me
We will be at home"

a little idea of what my year may look like. Photo Courtesy of We Heart It
It's finally here!! Around this time tomorrow, I'll be touching down in Hotlanta to start my year as an Alpha Delta Pi Leadership Consultant. It's so weird to think that a year ago, I was on a tour of Alpha Delta Pi Headquarters and was told by a past consultant, that I could be living there after college. It seems like such a long time ago but at the sometime, feels just like yesterday. Weird, I know. If you have a Google, Blogger, Twitter, Gmail, or Yahoo (or one of the others listed in the prompt window) account, click the "Follow" button at the top of the page or "Join this Site" in the Followers box to the right to follow the journey this next chapter in my life will take me on!

So what have I been up to these last couple weeks?

Just a lot of fun things with my friends and family....

I had a great 22nd birthday with my Best Sister/Friend Megan and we were LOVIN' the firework show.

I had a blast at the Angels v. Mariners game with one of my fave sister/friends Kaylee and her fiance Phil. Mariners aren't doing so hot anymore which was a bust but I'm not a fairweather fan!! The night was totally worth it though with our orange jello slices and a stellar performance by Dierks Bentley.

My Little brother and I headed over to LACMA for the Tim Burton Exhibit. It was UNFORGETTABLE and of course, I had to take a picture of the "Urban Lights" Sculpture outside the museum.
(You make recognize this from No Strings Attached and several other movies)

I had a little "good bye" shindig with some of my favorite people in life at, of course, Downtown Fullerton. Couldn't have asked for a better send off with the people I love.

Yesterday, we headed over to Redondo Beach with some family friends at for a great seafood dinner and happy hour Kincaid's. Sadly, this was my first and last visit to the beach here in SoCal this summer but it was definitely a good one.

So now, I finish packing my last few items, wrap up some loose ends, and have some of my mom's delicious lasagna with family and friends tonight before I wake up bright and early tomorrow for flight out of LAX.

Can't wait to keep y'all posted on this new adventure that is my life :)

Blog Title courtesy of Follow Me by John Denver and Alpha Delta Pi recruitment :)


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