Wednesday, June 8, 2011

What I'm Loving Wednesday

I found a great blog that highlights things they love each week, so I thought I would link up to join the fun! There are TONS of things I'm so grateful and appreciative for but I thought I'd take the time to highlight a few of them.

i'm lovin'
160th Alpha Delta Pi Convention Blog
What a perfect way to keep sisters in the know, whether they are attending GC or not. I'm absolutely THRILLED to head to Phoenix in less than two weeks!!

Photo Courtesy of the ADPIGC2011 Blog

i'm lovin'
My 2011-2012 Leadership Consultant Sisters
I cannot wait to finally be united with these women. We've all been emailing back and forth pretty much since March when we found out who was all selected to serve in this amazing position. I haven't even met them in person but love them already and they've definitely helped make the wait more bearable
(although I still am the most impatient person EVER)

If you want to check out some of the blogs from this year and next year's ADPi Leadership Consultants, check the Tales of the Traveling Suitcase to the right :)

i'm lovin'
Geek Squad
For fixing my camera! Now I have one to document all my amazing adventures beginning with the one in Phoenix and don't have to borrow my Mom's anymore
(thanks mom, I'm lovin' you too!!)

i'm lovin'
my FABULOUS Family and Friends
I can never say enough how thankful I am for these wonderful people. I am so blessed to have them in my life. They're continued support never ceases to amaze me! From my family, to my sisters, to friends, to co-workers....they have been there for me through triumphs and struggles. Thank you for always being there :)

What are YOU loving today?


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