Friday, June 10, 2011

inhale love, exhale hate

How often have you heard that saying "Forgive and Forget"? You know, you're finishing up a tiff with your friend/sibling/parent/significant other etc. over something they did when someone (or the little Jiminy Cricket on your shoulder) says that much overused phrase to you. But really, how often does that really happen? It's much easier said than done...

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I'd like to think I'm forgiving person, mindful of my temper, and not quick to judge. I try my hardest to do all of those things in my daily life. I try to keep an open mind and like to understand both sides of a story before I come to any conclusions. But I will admit that sometimes, even for a few minutes, I let that bitterness/anger get the better of me. I'm sure everyone has experienced this at some point and it really is one of the worst feelings ever. I greatly dislike feeling that way towards someone and don't like being on bad terms with people.

I can think of a couple unfortunate times were I let those negative feelings build up towards someone to the point where it ruined our relationship with each other. I realize now that I never want to feel like that again. This year I really have experienced a lot of changes and one of them has been in my ability to forgive. It really is the most liberating feeling to forgive.

I'm sure we've all had falling outs with people at some point in our lives but years later, do we even remember why they happened? Is holding that grudge against someone really even worth it? If you think about it, you really have nothing to gain from not letting it go. All you get is that bitterness growing inside you and let's be real,

that is just not healthy at all.

So this is my little challenge to you. If you are harboring some kind of negative feelings towards someone else, take the time to re-evaluate them.

Why do you have them in the first place?
If you remember why,
what do you benefit from having them?

Nothing, right?

Be the bigger person.

I'm not saying you have to forget, and maybe not even forgive.

just inhale love, exhale hate.
let it go.

My dear brothers, take note of this: Everyone should be quick to listen, slow to speak and slow to become angry, for man’s anger does not bring about the righteous life that God desires.
James 1:19-20


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