Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Diamonds in the Desert: Part II

The Adelphean Processional
'11-'12 Leadership Consultants
In Convention tradition, all members dress in head to toe white for the Parade of Flags: a roll call and procession of every chapter ever chartered in Alpha Delta Pi's history. The opening processional was instituted in 1941 by Grand President Caralee Strock Stanard (who also wrote our amazing creed) to commemorate the history of our organization. Each member wears blue ribands that read our open motto "We Live For Each Other" just as the Adelpheans wore in the halls of Wesleyan. Following the processional and introductions (including the intro of us '11-'12 Consultants [: ) We headed out to the beautiful fountain and mountainous background shown in my previous blog to take the traditional convention photo. After we had time to change out of our all white attire, we headed to the beautiful memorial service to remember sisters we've lost over the years.

Alpha Delta Pi Foundation
Violet Appliques. Courtesy of the convention blog
As a fundraiser for the Foundation, Violets are sold at $5 each and given to sisters at Convention (or mailed for those who can't attend). This provides support for the Clasped Hands fund which provides grants for alumnae sisters in need. Attendees can then place these violets on their name tags and rock them during the week. By the last night of Convention, over 5,000 violets were sold!! Another fundraiser for collegiate members is the 1851 Violet Circle. Delta members can donate $18.51 (clever, I know) to the Foundation and receive a dangle to wear with their guard. I was a member of the Violet Circle since it began and it's a simple way to support the Foundation which gives members so much (scholarships, grants, leadership training, and more)!! The theme of the luncheon was the Foundation's mission statement "Educate, Lead, Serve". The keynote speaker was Former Grand Council Member Lindy (who I mentioned in my previous blog, told you she's great!) who was preceded by a recipient of a Foundation Scholarship. Collegiate sisters, take the time to apply for those grants! As a former employee of University Outreach, never let money be an issue when it comes to higher education! To add a tear jerker to the the luncheon, the video for our philanthropy the Ronald McDonald House Charities was premiered and included the story of a sister's stay at this home away from home. Our dinner that evening also included a presentation about the B+ Foundation which provides support to families of critically ill children.

I think so many times, people's views of Greek Life are often skewed by the bad reps or unfortunate choices of certain members that all the good we do can go unnoticed. Whether you're a proud fraternity/sorority member or chose not to affiliate, I encourage you to get involved in community service. Helping others is one of the most rewarding actions life can give you.

Business Meetings
So if y'all thought you're chapter meetings were long, you've never been to one like this but let me tell you, I was on the edge of my seat the WHOLE TIME! I told y'all I was looking forward to attending the business meeting and boy, were they more than I ever expected. There were some very interesting discussions, elections, and amendment and resolutions proposals and I was SO happy I was not a voting delegate and just a page (i'm kind of indecisive) But it was so great to be part of something that goes down in the history of Alpha Delta Pi and my biggest congrats to our newly elected Grand Council. I look forward to working with these amazing sisters and OUTSTANDING job by our outgoing Council as well!

So, You Want to be a Leadership Consultant?
From Left to Right: Cristina, (me) Zeta Alpha--California State-Fullerton; Andrea, Alpha Pi --George Washington; Haley, Gamma Kappa--West Virginia Wesleyan; Ashley, Zeta Upsilon--Oakland; Sarah Steele, Epsilon Pi--Georgia Southern and Beta Nu--University of Georgia; Annie (Leadership Services Manager/Boss), Alpha Omicron--Oklahoma State; Brett, Eta Upsilon--Wake Forest; Anna Kate, Zeta Iota--Georgia College and State
Ever been told you bleed blue and white? Do you read the COB in your spare time? Know the Creed by heart? (It's okay, I don't know it by heart....yet) Haha, okay nothing has to be that extreme but if you have ever been or will be going to a District Leadership Conference, Leadership Seminar, or Convention, I highly recommend that you stop by one of these sessions. Past Consultants all come to talk about their experiences during their travels and information is provided on the job, application process, etc. You don't have to know all four years that you wanted to apply to be a consultant. I know some very successful consultants who made the decision last minute to apply but it's great to know your post-grad options. Alpha Delta Pi has given me so much and because of it, I am a better prepared and stronger woman. I chose to give back as a Consultant and look forward to continuing my involvement in the years to come. Although I haven't officially started my travels, I've heard the same thing from so many past consultants. During this year you not only help others but learn so much about yourself. This position prepared them for the careers they are in now and they are even more successful because of it. If you ever have any questions about the position please don't hesitate to ask me or shoot me an email :)

Alumnae and Old Timer's Dinner: Diamonds are Forever
Zeta Alpha-CSUF collegiates, advisors, and alumnae.
Sisters from across the country attended this dinner glam-ed out in their "bling" to celebrate our alumnae members. In Convention tradition we sang a song well known to Alpha Delta Pi sisters "This is Convention number 1, number 1, number 1. This is Convention number 1, have you been to 2?" So we'd keep going through verses with attendees sitting when they've reached there limit (yes, this was my first of many to come so I sat down right away). We keep going until the last member is standing, and the winner?! Former Grand President Virgina Stafford who was attending her 27th Convention!! Her First Convention was in 1946 at Estes Park, Colorado!

65 years from now, that's going to be me! 

Alumnae recipients of the Joan Perry Boatright Loyalty Award were also recognized for their dedication and service to their profession, community, and Alpha Delta Pi. I was so excited that District VI's recipient was Linda Allen. She's great!! In addition to alumnae awards, members who were celebrating their 50th year of membership in Alpha Delta Pi participated in a very special ceremony. Other recognitions included the Mary Bull Mason Outstanding Contribution to Community Award and the  Outstanding Alumnae Achievement Award for Contribution to Profession. It's absolutely amazing to see sisters so passionate and dedicated to this amazing sisterhood. 

Remember everyone, it's not 4 years, it's for a lifetime!

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