Sunday, May 15, 2011

Not Another Statistic

Students must have initiative;
They should not be mere imitators.
They must learn to think and act for themselves
- and be free

Cesar Chavez

I don't think it's entirely hit me yet that I'm graduating. I can squeal and scream "Ohmygosh, I'm Graduating!!!" 922856 times but I don't think it's helping it all sink in. Today I had the opportunity to celebrate my milestone at a Graduation Ceremony sponsored by the Chicano and Latino Faculty and Student Association. I had blast and what a better way to start the day than with the event I worked this morning!

For those of you who don't know what I do, I work for CSUF's University Outreach as a Titan Delegate. We provide information about higher education to parents and students by representing CSUF at college fairs and facilitating presentations on various topics such as financial aid, admissions, and other higher educational options.

Today, we worked with Latino families from my hometown AND it was my first and last Spanish event as a Titan Delegate! We gave parents a presentation on the different options their child has after high school (community college, CSU, UC, and private universities), answered any questions they had, talked about our experiences at CSUF, and translated a tour of our wonderful campus for them! It's so great to work with an organization that gives students the resources and info they need to get to college when they otherwise may not have been able to attain it.

I guess the situation was different for me. College wasn't an option for me, not something I could possibly do after high school. I just knew I was going. Maybe it was seeing my mom graduate at such a young age (I was 2 or 3).

Even though all I remember of her graduation is what I've seen in pictures, me hiding under my mom's graduation gown
....while she had it on.

I always knew that I needed to complete my A-Gs, take the SAT, get good grades, etc. etc. Between my internship, job, and the various grad ceremonies I've participated in this year, I have learned some pretty interesting statistics.

For those of you who are dabbling with the idea of going to college or maybe want to just work right away as a mechanic, artist, etc. and not do the whole "college thing"


For those who do not have any type of higher educational degree
(vocational certificate, associate's, bachelor's, etc)
Unemployment Rates are around 30%

For those who have some type of higher educational degree
Unemployment rates are only around 5%

What a huge difference right? So if you know someone who just wants to be a tattoo artist or something else they think they don't need a degree for, tell them to study art to improve their skills or business to successfully run their own parlor!!

Did you know that 57% of college students in the country take 6 years to graduate college?
So if you think it's taking you too long, don't be discouraged!

Out of the 4,000+ students in my freshman class at CSUF, somewhere around
65% of them are still enrolled at the university.
(some may of withdrew, transferred, etc.)

Out of the that 65ish% remaining,
only around 15% of us are graduating in four years!
Crazy, huh?

I'm so proud to not be just another statistic
or at least be on the good side of them.

If you know someone who thinks that college isn't an option
Help them out!!
Tell them to talk to our office at University Outreach
or whatever the equivalents are at your area colleges

Is money an issue?
Tell about these great websites
(these are perfect for current college students too!!)
&& there are tons more out there!

Whatever you think your obstacle may be
There is most likely a solution to overcome it
&& if you ever have questions
I'm always here to help!!

Let the Countdowns Begin!!
Commencement ceremonies in 8 days
Alpha Delta Pi Grand Convention in 38 days
22nd Birthday in 51 days
ATL to start my dream job in 9ish weeks


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