Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Me Llamo Cristina Jeannette Perez Orozco

So I just came back to the good ol' US of A a few days ago after spending a week in Mexico to pay my respects to my grandfather. The days were jam packed with quality family time followed by a rosary in the evening. Being with family was exactly what I needed. So I thought I'd share a little bit of the trip with y'all

First, the blog title. Now I know this isn't common in the United States but it is customary to take both the last name of your father and mother
(hence the joke that Mexicans always have these suuuper long names!)
So, in this tradition

My Name is
Cristina Jeannette Perez Orozco

This is one of the first pictures I took upon arrival in Jalisco. It is of the town center Ixtlahuacan Del Rio, the municipality where my father's hometown is located.
(For those of you who are like me and didn't get it, a municipality is kind of like our counties...sort of)

These fabulous little guys in the middle are called guamuchiles. They are these little pods with this like fruit meat wrapped around the seed. I have no idea what I can compare their flavor to but they are sooooo good and addicting! Wish they grew them somewhere other than Mexico.
(so if anyone has ever heard of them, tellllll meeeeeeee!!)

I hadn't seen my grandma since I was 13 years old....I'm going to be 22 in a few months. So it had been a while! But here's a picture of my abuelita, brother and I before we parted ways. I can't wait to fly out next summer and see her again :)

So this picture still makes me tear up. Below is a picture of the construction underway at the church in my dad's hometown of Palos Altos, Jalisco. Many in my family were unaware that my grandfather had donated money to it's construction prior to his passing and found out during the Sunday Mass following his funeral services. Being the amazing person my mom is, she donated three days worth of pay for the construction workers on behalf of my brother and I.
(This was about 4,000 pesos which is roughly $400)
This amount seems like so little to plenty of us I'm sure when it's being split amongst 2-3 workers over three days. Life is so much different over there and it really makes me appreciate the things I have. This only further grew my desire to help others in whatever ways I can.

When we headed to the South of Jalisco to my mom's hometown, I had a fabulous time! For breakfast, we had fresh leche caliente. We put a little bit of chocolate milk mix, sugar, and a few drops of alcohol to kill any bacteria and my aunt milked the cow's milk straight into the glass. I love it! It had been so long since I had drank fresh warm milk.

I had an absolutely fabulous time with my family. I'm so grateful to my supervisors and professors who were so kind to give me this time off to spend with my family. Now I work on getting caught up with everything I missed last week and being patient for all the great things coming up in the next few weeks.

4 lectures
Only a couple Internship Logs left
1 five to ten page paper
1 exam
2ish weeks until Graduation
6ish Weeks until My Grad Party
7 weeks until Grand Convention
&& 3 months until I head to the ATL to start my year
as an Alpha Delta Pi Leadership Consultant!!

Can't WAIT!

If you would like to see more pictures from my trip just click here


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