Tuesday, April 12, 2011

I'm not afraid of tomorrow

...for I have seen yesterday and I love today
William Allen White

My two favorite accessories: ADPi President's Ring and my Cowboy Boots
(photo courtesy of Sister Elizabeth Swiontek)

Have I said how excited I am to graduate?! It is so close I can almost taste it. This picture is by far my fave of the tons of great ones we took this weekend!
(check my tagged pictures on FB if you want to see more)

That ring rarely ever leaves my finger and I love my boots :)

(&& that dress and belt is a recycled recruitment outfit. Always reppin' Alpha Dee!!)

I had a fabulous weekend with my sisters from graduation photo shoots to painting the town red and laying around the next morning laughing hysterically as we recapped the weekend's events. I couldn't have asked for a better weekend with better people. Then I was driving to work and heard this song which is def my Theme Song of the Moment because life is just so darn good right now! It's Good to be Me and I'm def lovin' life!

I got it all figured out.
I got no worries that I'm worried about.

It's like I caught some crazy happy disease.

Man, it feels good to be me


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