Saturday, April 16, 2011

appreciating the little things

Things I'm thankful for at this very moment

  • The long overdue quality time with family I hadn't seen in years

  • Tea from the freshly cut lemongrass in my abuelita's courtyard

  • Short walks with my dad and brother to appreciate the countryside and learn a little more about my dad's childhood

  • Sitting in my gradma's courtyard with a good country song playing on my iPod in one ear and the birds singing in the trees in the other

  • Amazing fish soup with ingredients bought from these nice street vendors

  • My new favorite treat: frozen chili and mango paleta. DELISH!!

  • The small town hospitality. People greeting you whether they know who I am or not. Always feel at home.

  • Fresh homemade tostadas and tortillas :)

It's the little things that really help me appreciate all the good things (and sometimes even the not so good) in my life.


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