Saturday, March 12, 2011

without wax...sincerely!

So I had read a friend's quote that said she was going live life sincerely or without wax and didn't really understand how those two were related. Well, when I was reading The Lost Symbol by Dan Brown it all made perfect sense!!

Dating back to the time of the great Michelangelo, sculptors had been hiding flaws in their work by smearing hot wax into any cracks and then dabbing that wax with stone dust to camouflage it. This was viewed as a form of "cheating" as the sculpture wasn't a pure work of art. For a sculpture to be perfect or "without wax" --literally sine cera-- it was considered a "sincere" piece of art. The phrase has since stuck. Even today, we still sign our letters and emails "Sincerely", as a promise that we have written its contents "without wax" and that our words are true.

So to quote a friend, I am going to live my life sincerely...without wax! I will be sincere in my endeavors and truly mean anything I do or say :)

Cristina :)


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