Friday, March 18, 2011

You gotta gypsy soul to blame and you were born for leaving....

So I'm in bed kind of nostalgic and taking a trip down memory lane. (&& not going to lie, I've been creeping on blog updates from this year's LCs. I like to think of it as "job research") While doing all this, I have found that I am homesick for places that have never been my home. I love to travel. If I could, I would jet-set across the world and never look back (one day....) I'm really not the type of person who misses home when I'm gone. My friends and fam, yes of course, but the actual place, not so much. I'm on a trip and when 10 or however many days are up I'm thinking "Man, where did the time go?" There's still 9283749283 things I want to do/see/experience.

At the moment, I'm trying to calm the nerves of the most impatient person ever aka me. I keep reminding myself that I need to enjoy these next few months of college and being in SoCal. I need to appreciate it because if it all goes as planned (when really, does it ever?) I will be out of Cali working with some service organization or going to grad school. I know some people (cough*SoCalifornians*cough) think I'm crazy for wanting to leave:

"but the weather is amazing!!"
(I want seasons!)
"What about Disneyland? You should get a pass again!"
(Walt would've wanted me to venture the world)
"We have the Beach! && Orange County!"
(been there done that....there's plenty of beaches in the sea)

but I just can't describe how at home I feel at my "non-homes".

I've got a gypsy soul to blame
&& I was born for leaving

I know I'll appreciate California when I'm gone but I am absolutely dying to revisit all of these places and tons of new ones. I don't think I've felt this homesick for something since I was 6/7 years old and my mom sent me to girl scout camp for a week and I was bawling until a counselor calmed me down and the great activities started up
this turned out to be a blast! Thanks Mom :)

Big Ben, my old friend
How I would love to have a cuppa in London Town again
(more pictures here)

Beautiful Memorial Headquarters in Atlanta, GA
&& I loved Macon too!!I need to be patient on this one
I'm calling this place home for a few weeks this summer
(more pictures here)

Oh Seattle, I am MOST homesick for you!
UW Grad School here I day maybe? Go Dawgs?
(more pictures here)


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